Author: Alex Austin


Like Facebook in 2017, Apple Closes “Deep Link” Ad Tracking Loophole

Apple recently closed a loophole that could have allowed deep links to be exploited as an ATT workaround. Learn more in the post.


iOS 14 AppTrackingTransparency: Balancing Rebellion and Conservation

The iOS 14 changes are a perfect example of needing to balance policy compliance and fight for the rights of mobile-focused businesses. Learn more in our latest blog post.


The App Attribution Industry Is Dead. Embrace the Post-IDFA Era with Branch

Note: As of January 28th, 2021, Apple has changed its policies regarding attribution on iOS 14. Read about that update and Branch’s latest stance here.  Update: we have published a follow-up post: How To Prepare Your Mobile App and ...


Data Privacy Principle: Branch Will Never Rent or Sell Our Customers’ User Data

As a data-dependent company, protecting our customers’ data is a primary consideration that drives every decision we make. Our Privacy Principles are so important to us that we’ve decided to expand upon them in a multi-part blog se...


The Threat of Walled Gardens on Mobile Advertising

You know the struggles. A new user just downloaded your app, and you have no idea where they came from. Both Facebook and Google are sending you a bill for an advertisement that potentially drove that user, and you have no choice but to ...


Mobile Sharing and Referral Feature Benchmarks from Branch

You’ve all heard the stories or know someone from your network who built a business primarily on virality. Virality is a challenging feature to build, optimize, and measure, especially since a lot of it can happen via channels that are i...


How to Build a Data-Dependent Company When Data is a Bad Word

Data powers and improves every aspect of our lives. A modern car generates 25 GB of data per hour working to monitor health and keeping drivers safe. A modern airplane generates up to 1 TB of data every flight to keep us safe and improve...


Time Matters For Cross-Platform Attribution: A Peek into Branch Product Strategy

“We chose Branch because they have the biggest data set to solve the cross-platform issue, which translates to greatly increased accuracy and reduced discrepancies. Comparing them to alternatives, we saw a 30% reduction in discrepancies ...


How To Deep Link Out of Your App

One of the most painful things we deal with at Branch on a regular basis are the poor attempts of platform developers to implement support for 3rd party deep linking. First, let me set some context so you know who this post is targeted t...


Announcing TUNE + Branch: A New Era for User Experience and Measurement

Spending my whole working life in Silicon Valley and watching tech companies grow, I have noticed that there are certain moments in a company’s history that, in an instant, dramatically increase the velocity and trajectory of that ...


Announcing Universal Ads with Facebook MMP

Today, we’re launching Universal Ads, a product that allows marketers to measure mobile advertising campaigns across web and app properties. Universal Ads uses our Attribution Engine, making it the first-ever product to give marketers an...

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