Author: Alex Bauer


Branch Ads Analytics Changes for iOS 14.5

Learn how iOS 14.5 changes will be reflected in your Branch data, and learn what updates to make to your Branch app configuration.


SKAdNetwork 2.2 View-Through Attribution and PCM: What They Mean for Mobile Marketers

Learn about two new pieces of attribution-related functionality from Apple: view-through attribution in SKAdNetwork and PCM support for app-to-web campaigns. Discover what this ...


Does Device ID Coverage Matter for Deep Links?

At Branch, we designed our linking infrastructure to be the most sophisticated solution in the industry. Thanks to our 30,000+ integrated partner apps, the Branch Link Graph is ...


What the Twitter Update Means for Deep Linking

Twitter has just released their largest app update in years. Aside from the redesigned UI and live activity update functionality, the iOS version of Twitter’s new app includes s...


The Secrets Behind nOCD’s Early Stage App Growth

This is a guest post by Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of nOCD. nOCD gives people with OCD effective therapy and real-time data about their treatment, helping users live more an...


WWDC 2017: What’s Coming in iOS 11 for Deep Linking and App Discovery

Apple used WWDC this year to announce exciting new iOS technologies like Augmented Reality and more powerful Siri voice control. Of course, anyone involved in the mobile ecosyst...


Deep Linking from Facebook: Best Practices & Tips

If you’ve run mobile ad campaigns on Facebook, you’re familiar with the elegant deep linking options their ads provide. But unfortunately, organic Facebook posts are a whole dif...


The iOS Security Alert Is Killing App Store Downloads

At some point in early 2017, a few enterprising scammers figured out how to hijack iOS Safari via an infinite loop of custom URI scheme redirects. The result was essentially low...


How To Track and Attribute Universal Links

If you came here looking for a simple solution to the problem of tracking Universal Link clicks, let’s get the bad news out of the way: it is almost impossible to build yourself...


Is Branch a Replacement for Firebase Dynamic Links?

If you have ever tried to build anything more than a very basic mobile app, you probably ran into the need for a backend. You likely then discovered that designing and maintaini...


How to Build a Linking Solution for Every Device

This is the second in a two-part series about the future of links. Part one recapped the history of links on the web and how things became so broken on mobile. In this post, we ...

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