Alex Bauer

Head of Product Marketing and Market Strategy

Alex joined Branch as a Developer Advocate in 2016, and helped build the company's early developer relations and long-tail adoption strategies. He works closely with teams across the organization to help shape Branch's place in the mobile ecosystem, writes the Mobile Growth Newsletter, and tweets regularly about mobile-related topics at @alexdbauer.


Steps To Success: Enabling App Indexing With Branch

“I wish my app could be harder to find” — said no app developer, ever.


Creating an App Content Sitemap for Google App Indexing

Eighty-nine percent of smartphone users start with Google when they want to find something on the Internet. And yet, an average user who spends three and a half hours on their p...


Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and the Future of Mobile Web

As of last week, there is a new entry in the alphabet soup of web standards: AMP. You may have already noticed the small gray lightning bolt logo in your Google search results, ...

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