How Bukalapak drove a 5x increase in daily app installs

Bukalapak is one of the biggest online marketplaces in South East Asia. With more than 1.2 million sellers, and more than 40 million products, the e-commerce giant offers goods ...


How PregBuddy Used Branch to Link Between Messenger Bot and Android App

PregBuddy is an integrated health and wellness platform supporting women during their pregnancies. They offer personalized healthcare via peer support, organized information, ex...


What are App Links?

So, you’ve built your app and are looking for ways to improve the user experience. What about adding deep links? If you are interested in deep linking, you will quickly run into...


Universal Links and App Links for Cordova, Ionic, Xamarin, React Native, Unity, Titanium, and more!

Hybrid app development platforms such as Cordova, Ionic, Xamarin, and React Native are an important part of the mobile app ecosystem. They provide for code consolidation across ...


3 Steps to Troubleshoot iOS 9 and iOS 10 Universal Links

So, you’ve followed all the steps to enable Universal Links for your app, but somehow, the links still fail to open your app?   This blog aims to cover exactly where and how to ...


What Is An AASA (apple-app-site-association) File?

Picture this: you want to get started with Universal Links on iOS and the documentation at Apple has asked you to create and host an AASA file. So, what is an AASA file? The AAS...


100k to 1 Million: How Fynd Increased Their App Downloads in a Single Month

Fashion eCommerce is a fiercely competitive space in India where businesses strive hard to acquire and retain users. With better network connectivity and access to low-cost data...


What Changed with Deep Linking on iOS 9.3

Over the years, despite continuous design improvements, iOS apps have been treated largely as data silos and have been unable to use data outside of the confines of their sandbo...

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