How to Integrate Apple’s SKAdNetwork in iOS 11.3

How Ad Networks Work on iOS In order to advertise your mobile app across other third party applications, you typically would work with a third-party ad network. The ad network i...


How to Control Your Branch Dashboard User Access

Branch’s products influence a wide variety of roles and teams within companies around the world. The most successful organizations have teams of users across the product, market...


How to Submit an App that Uses IDFAs to the App Store

During the Apple App Store submission process, developers are asked to specify if their apps use the IDFA. Incorrectly specifying how your app uses this identifier can cause you...


How to Use Coupons and Promo Codes to Drive More Downloads to Your Mobile App

Throughout commerce history, companies have created wildly successful product promotions through the use of coupons. In the world of mobile apps, coupons still exist in multiple...


One Link for Every Device

It may not come as a surprise to you, but 99% of smartphone users are on either iOS or Android devices. In the US, roughly one-third of users are on iOS devices and roughly two-...


UI Testing Universal Links in Xcode 9

Universal Links. Sometimes just the term itself can give nightmares to those of you who spent countless hours setting up the AASA file on your web domains, configuring your ctas...


How To Increase User Retention as a Mobile Developer

Congratulations, you’ve just recently launched the newest version of your app! You’ve spent countless hours in your last development sprint A-B testing your newest features and ...

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