How to Measure Facebook Mobile App Installs

The State of Facebook Mobile App Install Ads in 2018 Last year, in a study of leading mobile user acquisition performance of marketing channels, we determined that Facebook and ...


Announcing the Industry’s First Attribution Model Engine

Branch is excited to announce the availability of Attribution Model, the mobile industry’s first attribution platform for marketers and product managers to effectively attribute...


Tracking Revenue Across Campaigns, Channels, Platforms and Links

Branch is dedicated to helping marketers and developers understand and engage with their users. Right now, we already allow partners to see user actions taken after clicking Bra...


How to Set Up Android M App Links with Deep Linking

Since the beginning of Android, deep linking has been a struggle to implement due to the fragmented nature of link redirection. It was incredibly hard to open up the app when in...


100% Matching Accuracy with iOS 9 Safari View Controller

Branch is excited to announce that we now offer 100% accurate install attribution for clicked links on iOS 9. With iOS 9, Apple has given developers some great gifts. Two of my ...


How to build an iOS app for your sales team in under 12 hours

This is the story by one of our engineers, Derrick, of how two new employees at a young startup built a useful mobile app on a plane ride across the Pacific. It’s also an ...

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