Evan Barry

Evan was the first marketing hire at Branch, coming in as Marketing Manager in 2015. During his tenure at the company, he helped develop the marketing stack and contributed to the Branch blog.


Why You Should Care About Deep Linking

This is a preview of our latest eBook, Why You Should Care About Deep Linking. To download the full eBook, click here. 


The Top Strategies for Increasing In-App Purchases

This blog post was originally published in 2016. You can also read recent insights on web-to-app conversions. Here at Branch, we’ve talked a lot about the current mobile ecosyst...


And the Winners of the Mobile Growth Challenge Are…

The wait is finally over! After reviewing all of the amazing submissions to our $10,000 Mobile Growth Challenge, it’s time to announce the winners! With over 250 registrations, ...


Measuring the Success (and Failure) of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Mobile developers are at the heart of everything we do at Branch. From the ease-of-use of our SDK, to the global mobile growth community that we’ve built around the world, our j...


How To Optimize a Re-engagement Campaign Using Deep Linking

The following is a guest post by Kat Sherbo, Senior Content Manager of Braze. Kat is a marketer, writer, and editor with a passion for engaging stories. When not at work in the ...


Best Practice Guide: Convert Web Traffic to Mobile App Users

This blog post was originally published in 2016. You can also read one of our newer posts on web-to-app conversions. As a mobile developer, you’ve heard all the trends about con...


Introducing Content Analytics for Better App Discovery

At Branch, we believe that app discovery should be far easier for developers. But in the existing ecosystem, it’s hard to make any app stand out from the crowd where discovery t...


Improving the Lifetime Value of an App User with Deep Linking

For an app developer to successfully measure the return on investment (ROI) of a growth or marketing campaign, they must understand the lifetime value (LTV) of their users. Also...


New Deepviews Features Allow for Customization and Smart Routing

Since the early September launch, Deepviews has quickly become a popular product for many of our partners. Not only have we seen rapid adoption, we’ve also continued to see amaz...


5 Actionable Steps to Increase App Downloads

All mobile developers want the same thing: to increase the number of people that download their app. Growth hacking is still everyone’s top priority. (Well, except for Bing Gord...


mParticle Integrates with Branch

Branch is excited to announce that our integration with mParticle is now live. mParticle is a mobile data automation platform based in New York. With a single SDK, mParticle cus...

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