How to Use Deep Links to Improve Mobile Engagement

For many app developers, the only thing harder than getting users to install their app is getting them to continue using it. Branch is a great tool for driving continuing engage...


Why Should I Use Branch for Universal Links?

This is a question we’ve gotten a few times since Universal Links launched on iOS 9. Branch is fully compatible with Universal Links and, in fact, makes the setup process much e...


3 Rules for Creating URI Schemes that Support App Content Discovery

At the most basic level, a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) is a format that launches a specific experience or piece of content in an app. Just as many applications recognize h...


Deep linking with Twitter App Cards

Partners often ask us about the difference between using Twitter’s native deep links and using Branch deep links on Twitter. Both solutions work for most use cases, so what’s th...


Pitch Branch to your Dev Team – Talking Points

You’ve seen the light: you want your dev team to integrate Branch. We do, too, so we’ve prepared five talking points that’ll turn skeptical colleagues into deep linking believer...

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