Author: Bill Wescott, VP Solution Partners


“Horseshoe CX” – Why Closing the Loop is Critical in 2021

What is Horseshoe CX, and what does it mean to close the loop?


How to Create Cross-Platform Campaigns for Your App

Create cross-platform campaigns to increase user engagement, retention, and LTV.


Announcing Support for Apple App Clips

Learn what App Clips are, why they're useful, and how Branch's App Clips support brings them to the next level.


How Chipper Cash and Career Karma Used Tech for Black Founders to Continue Their G...

Branch CSM Joey Andrean interviews Hasan Luongo and Ruben Harris to share their growth stories and challenges they've faced as black founders.


Ready for the Post-IDFA Era – Fyber, MOLOCO, and Branch Successfully Test SK...

Learn how Branch, Fyber, and Moloco are testing SKAdNetwork for Programmatic User Acquisition.


Announcing Deep Linking and Attribution Support for Over-the-Top (OTT) Platforms

Announcing deep linking and attribution support for over-the-top channels to allow you to measure ad performance and provide consumers a seamless experience.


How to Set Up and Measure Influencer Marketing for Your Mobile App

Read how to set up and measure an influencer marketing campaign to grow your app.


UX Insights with Crafting User Experiences for Enhanced Discoverability ...

Learn how strategically crafts user experiences that increase discoverability and engagement on mobile.


The Growth Secrets Driving Success for Today’s Winning Brands

Top 5 effective strategies that marketers can use when approaching acquisition, engagement, and retention.


The Festive Season Guide For In-App Marketers | 2020

Learn trends for this festive season to help win over the connected consumer.

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