The Marketers Guide to Emails on Mobile

This is an excerpt from our latest eBook, The Marketers Guide to Emails on Mobile. Download the full eBook here.  Emails are the easiest way to directly contact customers, users...


Welcome to Your New Branch Dashboard

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with many of you to see how you use the Branch Dashboard. Our navigational structure hasn’t changed since 2015 and we felt that it n...


The Marketers Guide to Creating Mobile Deep Links in Seconds

The average user spends 4-5 hours on mobile, with 90% of that time inside a mobile app. When you’re sharing marketing links with your users, it’s not enough anymore to have a sh...


A Smart Quick Link Creator for Desktop and App Links

Linking to web content – for instance a gallery of cool treehouses – is easy. It’s always been easy. Simply copy the URL from the address bar, and if you want a short link or at...


How to Use Branch’s New Custom Events Data to Measure Campaign Success

In-app analytics are an essential part of growing your app. If you want to know how to improve the user experience for your customers or to optimize in-app purchases, you have t...


Introducing the New Branch Developer Portal for Better Deep Linking

We’re excited to launch the new Branch Developer Portal.  As we’ve continued to release new features and update the docs with answers to commonly asked questions, it became clea...

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