Branch’s Quick Guide to Advertising on OTT Devices

Today’s growing number of OTT users and growing rate of video consumption presents an opportunity for advertisers to better reach their target audience.


8 iOS 16 Changes and What They Mean to Marketers

We review eight additional changes that have been (or will be) introduced with iOS 16 in the coming year – and what they mean for marketers. 


Advice on Mobile Growth From 12 Top Execs

When it comes to mobile growth, there are no better lessons than those shared directly from people who have gone through it and seen success for themselves. We compiled some of ...


Is It Time To Add OTT and CTV to Your Marketing Campaigns?

CTV is the fastest-growth video channel for advertising. So, is it time to add OTT and CTV to your marketing campaigns? Get set up for success, learn best practices, and underst...


7 Ideas from “Evolution of MMPs” Panel, App Growth Summit Berlin 2022

In the Evolution of MMPs panel at the App Growth Summit Berlin 2022, the largest mobile attribution companies had an open discussion about the evolution of measurement on iOS, ...


How to Use Mobile SEO to Convert Users

SEO has drastically changed in the past decade from technical algorithm hacks to quality, intent-driven content and engagement. To really get the most from SEO, you must focus o...

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