Sahil Verma

Sahil spent four years at Branch working as an Engineer and Product Manager. During this time, he put his technical expertise to use creating content for Branch’s blog.


How to Migrate Your Branch-Powered Google AdWords Campaigns

Here at Branch, we recently announced the launch of Universal Ads, which includes an updated integration with AdWords! We now automatically pull your Universal App Campaign conv...


Branch Product Updates: October 2017

Welcome to Branch’s October product update blog. The primary theme of this month is a brand new analytics system and improved experience in the dashboard. We have a lot to share...


Partner Update: Try Out Our New Analytics Dashboard

At Branch, we have been hard at work on a complete overhaul of our analytics systems. We process and analyze billions of events per day, and we have learned quite a bit about sc...


Branch Partners: Upcoming Changes to Your Analytics

Hey Branch Partners, We wanted to share an exciting update to the Branch Dashboard. Starting on October 23rd, 2017, you’ll have the option to preview our new analytics platform,...


Branch Product Updates: September 2017

Welcome to Branch’s September product update blog post. This month, we’ve continued to invest in all channels, and included features to help enterprise partners onboard sm...


Branch Product Updates: August 2017

It’s August, and the most exciting thing isn’t going back to school—it’s Branch finding every avenue to deploy your deep links and surface more of your app’s content. This month...


Branch Product Updates: July 2017

The theme of July is channel improvements. A lot of our energy was devoted to making sure the channels we already support continue to receive tremendous attention and steady imp...


Branch Product Updates: May 2017

Can you believe it’s almost Memorial Day weekend? Neither can Branch. All year long our product goals have centered around empowering your mobile marketing and growth efforts; h...


3 Quick Steps to Deep Linking Your Instagram Install Ads

This blog post was originally published in 2016. You can read one of our newer posts on driving installs from Instagram. Instagram app install ads are quickly becoming the next ...


Deep Linking Your Mandrill Emails Using Branch

There’s a long list of reasons why email is your best bet to get high quality and engaged users back into your app. But, if you really want the full value of email, you need to ...


How to Port Your Native Modules into a React Native Environment

As you probably know, React Native is a cross-platform development framework rapidly gaining followers. If you have a native SDK (an SDK written in Objective-C, Swift, or Java),...

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