Sarah Etter

Sarah was Senior Content Marketing Manager at Branch from 2018 to 2019. During this time, she created content for the company’s blog.


Dynamic Web-to-App Success: RADIO.COM Drives 61% CTI Using Personalized Branch Banners

Launching a new app isn’t easy – especially when you’re already an established brand with a large, loyal user base. Ensuring your users know about the app contextually ...


Remarketing and Retargeting: What’s the Difference And Why Does It Matter on Mobile?

Marketers and their teams are facing more challenges than ever when it comes to remarketing and retargeting their mobile users to drive continued app revenue and engagement. Use...


Introducing Agency Access for Branch

Here at Branch, we know trusted agencies are often involved in carrying out important business functions for our mutual customers. We also understand how important it is for our...


How to Track App Store Downloads Initiated on the Mobile Web

Tracking app store downloads from the mobile web might seem like a simple challenge for mobile marketers. But with ever-more channels involved in user journeys, going beyond las...


The Anatomy of a Perfect Paid App Install Campaign

Every mobile marketer has numbers to hit – and app installs is one of the most critical metrics every quarter. The challenge: Apps aren’t cheap to build, and driving high-...


How to Make Interstitial Ads and Banners Work on Mobile

CMOs, CTOs, marketers, and product managers alike are facing a challenge: How to drive high-quality app installs and top last year’s revenue numbers. Here’s the challenge: For m...


The Deep Linking Playbook for iOS 12

Effectively deep linking on both Android and iOS is critical for both app developers and marketers. We recently covered how to effectively deep link on Android. Today we’ll cove...


5 Keys to Effective App Onboarding for Product Managers

It’s easy to think app engagement hinges on push notifications and alerts once a user has installed an app and completed their first purchase. But any great product manager know...


How to Conduct Cohort Analysis with Branch to Boost Marketing ROI in 2019

Whenever we decide to prioritize a new product feature at Branch, we ask ourselves a lot of questions. First and foremost: How will this help our existing and future customers a...


How APUS Drove Higher Quality Installs From Paid Ads on Google and Facebook

CPC. CPM. CPA. CPI. CTR. No matter which paid advertising method mobile marketers rely on to drive app installs, opens, and conversions, the costs continue to rise. APUS Group, ...


Introducing: The World’s First Cross-Everything Cohort Analysis

Today, we’re launching the world’s first cross-platform, cross-channel cohort analysis tool. Using data from our unique attribution engine, marketers finally have a ...

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