Author: Alex Austin


Are Your Deep Links Actually Working? Probably Not.

It’s a common misconception that all deep linking is the same, and that it can be treated as a commoditized piece of infrastructure that can be solved by simply enabling Apple’s...


Branch Is The Most Popular Mobile Linking Platform Among Top 200 Companies

We often see dubious claims in the market where a company will claim to be the most popular tool for this or that, and we felt that it’d be important to clear the air on exactly...


IPv6 Support: A Step Forward for Attribution and Deep Linking Accuracy

The secret sauce behind Branch’s linking and attribution infrastructure is the Branch link graph, the largest pool of cross-platform (desktop, mobile web, and app) user activity...


Complete ROI Visibility: Introducing Cost Data Ingestion for Universal Ads

The holy grail of attribution is to understand ROI. In other words, comparing the revenue driven by your marketing campaigns against the cost of running them. Sounds simple enou...


Integration Update: A Look Inside The Branch TUNE Migration

Just over two months ago, Branch announced our acquisition of TUNE’s Attribution Analytics. Since then, we’ve heard many questions (both from customers and others in...


How Travel App GoEuro Increased App Installs By 15% Using Branch

Increasing shifts to mobile are disrupting almost every industry, and that’s especially true in travel. Booking plane, train, and bus tickets has historically required users to ...


Introducing Attribution for Snapchat

We’re excited to announce that Branch has been named an official Snapchat Measurement Partner. This partnership offers Branch customers the chance to drive and attribute Snapcha...


TBS and TNT Leverage Branch to Increase App Downloads by 10X

In an increasingly mobile world, native apps are changing everything from how we find nearby restaurants to how we watch our favorite television programs. For Turner Broadcastin...


How to Deep Link and Attribute with Android Slices

You might have noticed that Google has been rolling out new app surfacing and sharing mechanisms over the last few months. One of the biggest new offerings is the Android App Ac...


Shopkick & Branch Share Mobile Success Tactics at MWCA

Earlier this month, Shopkick CEO Adam Sand spoke at the Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 conference. Over the course of the three day event, more than 400 speakers highlighte...


A Note on Patching Branch Links to Fix a XSS Bug

To set the stage for this post, I first want to provide some background on security at Branch. We provide an enterprise-grade service that over 50,000 apps (including those for ...

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