Booklists, Mead Recommendations, and Workouts are Shared Using Branch

Lida Hasbrouck

April 22nd, 2015

A first-class referral loop is all about allowing your users to share content from your mobile or web app with anyone they choose – regardless of whether or not the other person uses your app already. Our partners use Branch’s contextual deep links to enable their in-app content to be shared universally across any platform.

Sharing in-app Content

There’s nothing better to us than seeing great content brought to life with our links, so, today we wanted to focus on some of this material and the incredible partners behind it all!

Eight books

Let’s start with Chris Killen’s “Cheer Up” reading list , which recommends 8 novels, including one from the author, himself. If you’ve been looking for some new fiction to dive into, this list is for you!

Chris brought this together in the Blloon app, which describes itself as the “Netflix for books…. for the price of a coffee.” Don’t have a Blloon subscription yet? Not to worry, you can still skim the Cheer Up book list, since Blloon uses Branch links that take you directly to content, such as Chris’s reads.

Golden Coast Mead’s

Golden Coast Mead’s California Oak. Mmmmmm…

Are you thirsty yet? Frank from Golden Coast Mead speaks to how they “bottle sunshine” in this 60-second video about how their mead is made. “Light and effervescent?” “Note of honey?” He had me at mead. What’s more, he confirms their meadery sources honey responsibly.

This is exactly what’s so great about discovering products on Tell Market; you get to see the people running the artisanal shops, learn their story, and understand why their products are different. And best of all, you can do all this before committing to creating yet another account, because they deeplink straight to their merchants. There’s no barrier to entry for discovering quality shops and products.

Summer, sunshine, and Get Toned All-Over with Ellie!

Summer, sunshine, and Get Toned All-Over with Ellie!

The Toned All-Over workout by Ellie Lemons is a quick way to burn 100 calories and get started towards a better body. All you need is yourself, 15 minutes, and workout mat to start this whole-body routine.

Whether you’re looking for a general workout like this, or something to target a specific muscle group, you can find the ideal routine on Zova. Ellie is one of the many trainers to choose from, and if you have a workout buddy or enjoy teaming up with friends to sweat it out, you’ll love how easy it is to introduce them to the routines you discover.

These are just 3 of our many wonderful app partners . Do you use any of them? If so, share some links to your favorite app content in the comments!

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