Mobile Growth in Review: SF South Bay (@ SamsungNEXT)

Peter LaBerge

December 19th, 2017

We loved last week’s mobile growth meetup in the SF South Bay, hosted by SamsungNEXT. We came away with so many valuable mobile growth insights from Bittu Ahlawat (Director of Engineering – iOS, Android, and Mobile Web @ Upwork), Esther Hwang (Senior Marketing Manager @ Poshmark), and Brian Bowman (Founder & CEO @ Consumer Acquisition), as well as fellow mobile growth enthusiasts that joined us in the audience.

Here’s the good news: if you weren’t able to make it down to the South Bay last Thursday night, you can still enjoy the meetup! We recorded the event, and have embedded it below for your enjoyment. But first, check out some of our favorite quotable moments from the event.

Brian Bowman, Founder & CEO @ Consumer Acquisition

  • “Don’t spend a dollar on Facebook unless you have $50,000 to spend on Facebook. It takes time to fumble around with logistics and data in order to get the right audience.”
  • “Facebook is full of user-generated content. It’s low-quality content. Take it cheap and move fast—95% of your content will fail. For the lucky 5% of content, you can reinforce with brand compliance. Are you willing to spend more money for the same user?”

Esther Hwang, Senior Marketing Manager @ Poshmark

  • “Paid content should always blend with organic content. We’d shoot with models and high-quality cameras, and test it against low-quality content that appears user-generated, and overtime, the low-quality content won.”
  • “Get a designer on your growth team at your company, dedicated to growth full-time. Your fast test cycles will thank you. And don’t be afraid to show them numbers—share what’s working and what’s not working.”

Bittu Ahlawat, Director of Engineering – iOS, Android, and Mobile Web @ Upwork

  • “Get your products out there quicker, with less investment, to see how they’ll do at scale, rather than testing in a small group setting. Sometimes, going out there and failing fast is the better and more enlightening way to fail.”
  • “Make sure everyone is lined up with your KPI. We have tough conversations and get everyone behind one single KPI.”

Hope to see you at our next event—Mobile Growth SF, on January 23rd, at Yelp!

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