New Templates for Your Web to App Marketing

Gerrit Yntema

Dec 19, 2016


This blog post was originally published in 2016. You can also read one of our newer posts on tracking app downloads using smart banners.

Is your mobile web traffic larger than your app traffic? Don’t worry, this is common. But once you dig in and find out that your app users are more engaged, you might scramble to figure out how to push your mobile web users into the app.

Having an effective strategy to convert mobile web users into app users is more important than ever. You are probably familiar with smart banners that pop at the top of a mobile website, a tool that can be effective at getting people to download or continue into the app.

But Branch’s Journey’s is more than just a simple smart banner. Our partners have found Journey’s smart banners to be invaluable for successfully converting web users into app users. We have even seen that app users who have come from a Journey’s smart banner are much more likely to make a purchase. Journeys makes it easy to design the perfect banner, target audiences, A/B test, and deep link into your app without any additional code on your site.

It being the holiday season, we thought we would spread some joy in the form of a whole new set of smart banner templates that you can use to create the perfect conversion experience for your users. Check them out below and head to the dashboard to start editing them:

Journeys Templates

Journeys Templates2

Journeys Templates 3You now have access to a variety of different sizes and endless ways to customize the banner that is perfect for your brand. Additionally, we support partial height interstitials and give you the ability to edit the banner height using our WYSWYG editor. Don’t forget that you can fully customize every pixel using our CSS editor that is built into the dashboard. Your feedback is what inspires all of our products at Branch. If you have anything that you would like to see, please drop a comment below.

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