Branch Honored with Comparably Awards

We’re excited to announce that Branch has been recognized this week for Best Company Outlook and Best Places to work in the Bay Area by Comparably. In addition to the most recen...


How GoMechanic’s Strategic Partnership With Branch Helped Them Drive a 137% Increase in Orders

GoMechanic is one of the largest auto aftermarket startups in India and with over 1 Million downloads on the play store, their mobile app is a key part of their growth strategy....


Branch Employee Highlight: Ariana Goodell

We’re thrilled to share the story of Ariana Goodell, Branch’s Legal Director of Commercial. She leads the commercial legal function, providing strategic and tactical advice to o...


The Current State of Play Store Attribution Without GAIDs

Just as we thought the dust had settled on GAID-related access for Android 12, Google recently updated their documentation. In the new version, they revised an earlier announcem...


How to Use QR Codes For Easier Login Authentication Across Devices

We’ve all experienced painful logins with forgotten passwords or logging in with Google and Facebook. How about the frustration of logging into an app on your smart TV with a re...


Rummy Passion: How India’s hottest gaming app used Branch to solve attribution and linking

As one of India’s premier card gaming platforms, Rummy Passion hosts thousands of rummy players and pays out millions of rupees every day. The Rummy Passion team, based in Chand...


Branch Recognized on Forbes America’s Best Startup Employers List

I am extremely excited to announce that Forbes Magazine recognized Branch in the top 2% of America’s Best Startup Employers 2022, thanks to our incredible employees!


What Is Android Privacy Sandbox? Is This The IDFA Apocalypse All Over Again?

Google has announced Privacy Sandbox on Android, but there are a number of things that will hopefully keep this from being a repeat of iOS 14.


The Benefits of an App Referral Program, Part 1

In this blog, part one of a three-part series, we’ll examine the potential use cases of an app referral program and why it might be worth investing in one.


How Coinbase Did It: A Teardown of the 2022 Super Bowl QR Code Commercial

At this year's Super Bowl, crypto was everywhere, and Coinbase is getting most of the follow-up buzz thanks to a quirky commercial that featured nothing more than a simple, colo...


How to Court Your Mobile Users

Finding a romantic partner and gaining app users may seem unrelated on the surface, but the two processes have more in common than one might think.

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