Why Marketing Automation Matters in Mobile [Braze Partnership]

Use Branch links with Braze’s CRM to discover more about your users and to build better engagement campaigns. View the Guide


What Changed with Deep Linking on iOS 9.3

Over the years, despite continuous design improvements, iOS apps have been treated largely as data silos and have been unable to use data outside of the confines of their sandbo...


Apple’s Universal Links: A Testament to Untested Software

This aricle originally appreared as a guest post on Venture beat. Apple’s software quality has been the subject of criticism for some time now. Marco Arment helped bring this to...


How to Use Branch’s New Custom Events Data to Measure Campaign Success

In-app analytics are an essential part of growing your app. If you want to know how to improve the user experience for your customers or to optimize in-app purchases, you have t...


Creating an App Content Sitemap for Google App Indexing

Eighty-nine percent of smartphone users start with Google when they want to find something on the Internet. And yet, an average user who spends three and a half hours on their p...


Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and the Future of Mobile Web

As of last week, there is a new entry in the alphabet soup of web standards: AMP. You may have already noticed the small gray lightning bolt logo in your Google search results, ...


How Buzzfeed’s QuizChat Uses Branch for Personalized Welcomes

The BuzzFeed quiz app, QuizChat, brings one of the most popular services of BuzzFeed — their quizzes — directly to mobile users. Hundreds of millions of users have t...


Introducing a Universal Links Validator Tool

As a deep linking company that handles millions of links every day, Branch deals with Universal Links on a daily basis. We see the vast potential, but are very familiar with its...


How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI by Increasing User Retention

Spenser is the CEO and co-founder of Amplitude. While developing his first mobile product, a voice-to-text app for Android, he experienced firsthand the need for a better mobile...


The War for Mobile Search

There’s a war being waged in mobile. A war to control the final lucrative frontier that will shape how mobile is monetized. The battle is for mobile search, and its outcome is u...


How Postmates Achieved a 31% Click-to-Install Rate on Instagram Ads

This blog post was originally published in 2016. You can read one of our newer posts on driving installs from Instagram. Branch works with thousands of apps. And in just the las...

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