Want Mobile App Growth? Focus on App Onboarding

This is a guest post written by Nancy Hua of Apptimize Start growing your app


38 Ultimate Mobile Growth Hacks in one SlideShare

At Branch Metrics we organize meetups for the mobile app developer community around the globe. In panel discussions, talks and conversations over drinks and pizza we cover all t...


Branch Deepviews: The Missing Link in App Discovery

Today we’re excited to announce Deepviews – a tool to help you bridge the gap between new users and your native app. Get Started with Branch


Branch Product Updates – August 2015

We’re excited to announce a few great new product features. Let us know what else you’d like to see in the comments below. Start growing your app


Announcing the Branch Ambassador Program

Today, we’re officially announcing the Branch Ambassador program. Over the last 12 months, we’ve been busy building Branch into a platform used by thousands of awesome apps to p...


Mobile Deep Linking 101

Do you know that feeling of being new in a job and not understanding a single buzzword, so you are secretly googling every term in order to beef up your lingo? That’s what I was...


Branch Supports All Deep Linking and Mobile Search Standards

Deep linking as a technology has become a confusing mess of marketing terms and buzzwords over the last few years. This is primarily due to the lack of a centralized standard an...


How to Set Up Google App Indexing

It’s no secret that Google has been playing catch-up when it comes to the mobile landscape. Basically, they made a bet that native mobile apps would be a passing phase and that ...


How to Deep Link With Facebook Install Ads

This blog post was originally published in 2015. You can read one of our newer posts to learn how to deep-link from Facebook. Nearly two years ago, we asked Facebook to enable d...


How Not to Deep Link

Deep linking, an area with so much promise for developers, has been torn to shreds by tech giants. Most mobile developers would love to release their app to the world and have a...


How to Set Up Universal Links to Deep Link on Apple iOS

This was originally posted on July 20th, 2015 but has since been updated with the latest information. At Branch, we eat, breathe and sleep mobile deep linking. We created a sing...

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