Oh the places you’ll go…with Gogobot (and Branch Deep Links)

Have spring break plans? You should because Gogobot makes it easier than ever to get the most out of any trip you plan. With over 16M users last year, 800,000 reviews, and 4M ph...


The Developer Experience …and Goats

We have a simple mantra here at Branch: Made by developers, for developers. It’s the essence of our product and approach. Nobody at Branch lives it Start growing your app


Branch Sponsors First International Meetup in India

On Tuesday we helped organize the first international Mobile Growth Hacking meetup. The event, which was co-sponsored by Yink , brought together over 150 people and was hosted a...


The Importance of Launching Your App with Deep Links

Do you think you have an ear for the next top signing talent? Want to make an impact in someone’s singing career without giving up your Start growing your app


An Investor’s Advice on Building a Company

Ben Narasin, President at Triple Point Capital has been an entrepreneur his whole life. We sit down to talk about his story in building great companies, launching apps, the mobi...


What the Experts Taught Me About Mobile Growth

What happens when you bring together two sponsors who love building the developer community, four expert panelists, and over 300 mobile growth enthusiasts? Last week we Start gr...


Deeplinking with Branch and AngularJS: Easier Done than Said

So you’ve integrated contextual deep linking into both your Android and iOS apps using Branch, right? Fantastic! Or if you haven’t, maybe you plan Start growing your app


Mobile Growth Hackers @ Pinterest

As attendees began to arrive at the Pinterest Headquarters in San Francisco, there was a buzz in the air. No, not from the complimentary drinks, free Start growing your app


Virality, Mobile Growth & Meetups

One of the things we love to do here at Branch is host monthly meetups where we bring together mobile growth industry leaders, eager app developers, awesome partners spaces, fre...


Contextual Deep Linking: An Early Advantage

What’s the difference between “I’m sorry” and “my bad?” Not much, unless you’re saying it to someone at a funeral. Context matters, and it’s true for deep linking, where context...


Deep Links are Reinventing the Mobile Gaming Industry

The scale of the mobile gaming industry is overwhelming. As of summer 2014, more than 75 billion apps were downloaded from the App Store. Games made Start growing your app

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