A Blueprint to Build Enticing Ramadan Mobile Marketing Campaigns in 2021

Olinda Pais

May 5th, 2021

With over 600 million Muslims living in South Asia, Ramadan represents a $2.2 trillion dollar market that brands often fail to capitalize on. Ramadan brings changes in consumer behaviour and market dynamics that marketers should analyze to connect with their target audience in order to reach their app growth goals. For example, in Indonesia alone, 76% of its internet users have bought something via a mobile device in the past month alone — and mobile is only growing stronger, with market penetration sitting at 70%. Because of the pandemic, it is smartphones that have become the main conduit of information, entertainment, communication, and increasingly, purchasing. This represents a massive opportunity for brands, if harnessed carefully and strategically.

How Are Some Successful Brands Tapping Into This Opportunity?

E-commerce traffic in Indonesia in particular sees a significant boost post-Ramadan, as every employee takes advantage of their Lebaran bonus – an annual salary bonus mandated by the government. E-commerce apps such as Bukalapak experience the highest usage at the end of Ramadan for this reason alone.

To leverage the increase in e-commerce user traffic, brands like Go-jek and DANA ran campaigns around the joy of sharing and importance of charity at this time to tap into the latent purchase intent and greater reserves of disposable income that are available at this time. 

Branch & MAAS Affle analyzed consumer behaviour data collected across 2 years and 360 apps to create a report for brands to better understand how to successfully navigate this colossal opportunity.

To give you a sneak peek, let’s look at some of the insights and recommendations from the report that might add value to designing your Ramadan marketing campaigns right away.

3 Learnings to Consider Before Designing Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

There are a number of factors to keep in mind when designing your mobile marketing strategy. To ensure that you get the greatest returns on your investment, it is critical that you understand the consumer behaviour and app trends that dominate the market during Ramadan.

1. Purchase Intent

Based on Ramadan consumer behaviour, it is evident that people have more purchase intent during Ramadan – as indicated by the rapid increase in organic mobile app installs both in 2019 and 2020. While brands have been investing in driving marketing campaigns to boost paid installs as well, many fall short in capitalizing on this intent because their efforts have not been supported with the right market intelligence.

2. Formats

Take advantage of emerging formats like QR codes, videos, and virtual reality in your marketing campaigns to drive consumers to your brand above all others. Creatives that lean into core Ramadan values likelike hope, family, introspection, and togetherness work better than blatantly promoting your product alone.

For instance, video marketing campaigns are highly effective in 2021 given that studies have found that video ads were the #1 way consumers discovered brands that they later purchased from. Most Muslims are very active online during Ramadan, especially in 2020 and 2021 because of our socially distanced world. Incorporate these emerging formats into your marketing campaigns to attract customers and get a greater share of eyeballs following your brand.

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3. Timing

To connect with Muslims during Ramadan, you need to ensure that you are serving the right message at the right time. If you do not study consumer behavior at different times of this festive period, you run the risk of being seen as tone-deaf and lazy in your marketing efforts.

The Ramadan festive season consists of 3 distinct periods – pre-Ramadan, Ramadan, and post-Ramadan. Each period has its own set of market dynamics and consumer behavioral patterns to go with it. Based on our analysis, however, marketers and brands need to shift the focus from performance-oriented campaigns to branding campaigns to capitalize on the opportunities that are latent in all 3 periods.

For more details on how to effectively heighten your brand awareness during Ramadan, read our full report: “From Shelf to Self – Opportunities for Brands as Ramadan Goes Online”.

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