Referral Program on Whatsapp

Olinda Pais

Sep 27, 2021


WhatsApp is a social messaging platform that can be used to effectively drive referrals at no extra cost.

Viral referral programs depend in large part on how well your brand is able to seamlessly link one platform to the other. Oftentimes, referral programs fall flat because the transition from one app into the next is broken.

At Branch, we exist to make links that just work.

Clients leverage Branch links in their referral program on WhatsApp to enable their users to seamlessly share Branch referral links with their friends and family via social media channels. As soon as the referred user clicks on the referral link, they get redirected to the app to take advantage of the special referral promos. Clients also use Branch deep link data to auto-apply coupon codes and personalize the user experience for better conversions & engagement.

Not only is this process fluid, it takes fewer clicks with Branch’s proprietary deep linking technology. This not only benefits your app users, but drives new app installs and boosts sales volumes with minimal effort.

Watch this video of Licious, India’s leading fresh meat and seafood delivery platform, to see it in action:

Looking to create a referral program on WhatsApp that outmaneuvers your competitors?

It’s time you looked into Branch’s content sharing solutions now.

Branch provides the industry's leading mobile linking and measurement platforms, offering solutions that unify user experience and attribution across devices and channels. Branch has been selected by over 100,000 apps since 2014 including Adobe, BuzzFeed, Yelp, and many more, improving experiences for more than 3 billion monthly users across the globe. Learn more about Branch or contact sales today.


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