Product Update: SKAdNetwork Enhanced Conversion Value Mapping

Johanna Lazar

July 20th, 2021

With SKAdNetwork acting as the default attribution system for paid mobile ads on iOS (unless users opt in to ad tracking), our goal is to provide the best tools to help you get the most out of your SKAdNetwork data while respecting user privacy.

We’re pleased to announce an enhanced version of our SKAdNetwork conversion value mapping capabilities in the dashboard. With added flexibility to customize your conversion values and what they represent, you can receive more detailed insights on your mobile ad campaign performance to better understand and optimize your campaigns. You can now map the following values to your conversion events in the dashboard: 

  • Revenue Buckets
  • Customer Event Alias

Revenue Buckets

You can now better understand your eCommerce events by setting up revenue ranges for your conversion values. By specifying revenue ranges, you gain more specific, down-funnel insights into eCommerce activities users complete in your app post-install, allowing you to further understand and optimize your mobile ad campaigns. Note that currency values are in US dollar amounts only. 

Setting revenue ranges in the dashboard.

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Customer Event Alias

You can now map your conversion values to both an event name and an event alias (which acts as a ‘sub-event’ name). For instance, if you map a ‘Purchase’ event to a conversion value, you can additionally map event aliases ‘first purchase’ or ‘repeat purchase.’ This allows you to further specify what you want the conversion value to represent — and gain more detailed insights into users’ post-install, in-app activities to further refine your mobile ad campaigns. 

Setting customer event aliases in the dashboard.

We are committed to offering the most comprehensive SKAdNetwork solution in the market. We strive to continuously improve our SKAdNetwork support to provide you the most detailed campaign insights possible while protecting user privacy. Start mapping your SKAdNetwork conversion values in the dashboard, or reference our SKAdNetwork integration docs for more information. 

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