Branch Product Updates: September 2017

Welcome to Branch’s September product update blog post. This month, we’ve continued to invest in all channels, and included features to help enterprise partners onboard sm...


AMP Compatible Smart Banners to Convert Mobile Search Traffic to App Installs

Last year, Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). AMP is a stripped-down version of regular HTML, enabling faster load times on mobile web browsers. This greatly enha...


Announcing Branch AMP Deepviews to Enable Native App Growth and Discovery through Web SEO

We’re very excited to announce Branch AMP Deepviews, a new tool that enables app marketers and developers to grow and get their native apps discovered by leveraging web SEO and ...


How to set up an AMP site for Firebase App Indexing (Android and iOS)

If you’ve been in mobile development for a while, you most likely have heard about Google’s Firebase platform. They’ve launched about 10 new services, ranging from A/B testing t...


Growing a Native iOS or Android App Business with Traditional Web SEO

There has never been a simpler, more powerful platform for software engineers to build and deploy applications. Native iOS and Android have fostered an incredible community of t...


iOS 9.2 Deep Linking Guide: Transitioning to Universal Links

When iOS 9.2 was released on Dec 8th, thousands of app developers suddenly realized their app experience was broken. A small change in Safari’s handling of deep links resulted i...

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