Analytics and Dashboard


10 Essential Tips for Leveraging Branch’s Analytics Capabilities

With so many options at your disposal for gathering data and analytics, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the possibilities or confused about where to begin. With Branch, it’s eas...


Why You Need an MMP and Why Branch Is the Best Fit

To grow your mobile app, you must make data-driven decisions with data you trust. With the help of a mobile measurement partner (MMP), you can accurately gather, analyze, and op...


5 Best Practices for Journeys Smart Banners 

Mobile smart banners like Branch’s Journeys are a highly effective web-to-app acquisition solution. A personalized smart banner experience helps you acquire users who visit your...


What Does Media Mix Modeling (MMM) Offer for Mobile Apps?

Media Mix Modeling (MMM) is a well-established marketing measurement approach that has existed for decades, but over the last year, “next-generation MMM” has been qu...


The 5 Latest Improvements to the Branch Dashboard

At Branch, we recently made many exciting improvements to the data and analytics experience within the Branch Dashboard. These include pre-configured export reports, report prev...


Why You Need Branch’s SEO App Attribution Solution

We’re excited to introduce SEO App Attribution, a new solution from Branch that equips brands and agencies with attribution insight into app events (e.g., engagement, acqu...


5 New Journeys Features To Make Your Smart Banners Even Better 

We know that getting mobile website visitors to download and use your app can be a challenge, so Journeys focuses specifically on helping drive app growth and engagement by turn...


How to Improve Conversions with NativeLink™ Customization

NativeLink is Branch's deferred deep linking solution for Private Relay. Discover how you can customize your NativeLink experience to delight your users!


How to Protect Your Budget from the Hidden Cost of Mobile Ad Fraud

Mobile Ad fraud is the big bad wolf of the advertising industry. Fraudulent conversions can cause advertisers higher bills and skewed campaign data that leads to inefficient inv...


Introducing Agency Access for Branch

Here at Branch, we know trusted agencies are often involved in carrying out important business functions for our mutual customers. We also understand how important it is for our...

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