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How to Deep Link in Cordova, PhoneGap, and Ionic

Traditional URLs can navigate to websites, but not to apps. Mobile deep linking fixes this problem by enabling links to install, open, and pass data into your app. Deep linking ...


What are App Links?

So, you’ve built your app and are looking for ways to improve the user experience. What about adding deep links? If you are interested in deep linking, you will quickly run into...


Deep Linking from Facebook: Best Practices & Tips

If you’ve run mobile ad campaigns on Facebook, you’re familiar with the elegant deep linking options their ads provide. But unfortunately, organic Facebook posts are a whole dif...


Deep Linking and Attribution for Android Instant Apps with Branch

Instantaneous access to native mobile apps, or: Instant Apps. I’m extremely excited to announce complete Branch support for all aspects of Google’s Instant Apps product today. I...


Universal Links, URI Schemes, App Links, and Deep Links: What’s the Difference?

Deep Links, Universal Links, URI/URL Schemes, and App Links have all changed the world of linking to content inside mobile apps considerably over the last few years. This has le...


Mobile Marketing: How Paid App Installs Impact Organic Downloads

This article was originally published on the TUNE blog. Branch acquired the TUNE Attribution Analytics product in September 2018, and we have republished select pieces of conten...


How to Build a Linking Solution for Every Device

This is the second in a two-part series about the future of links. Part one recapped the history of links on the web and how things became so broken on mobile. In this post, we ...


How to Set Up Android M App Links with Deep Linking

Since the beginning of Android, deep linking has been a struggle to implement due to the fragmented nature of link redirection. It was incredibly hard to open up the app when in...


How to Deep Link With Facebook Install Ads

This blog post was originally published in 2015. You can read one of our newer posts to learn how to deep-link from Facebook. Nearly two years ago, we asked Facebook to enable d...

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