Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps: Where to Focus Now

Leading product managers are analyzing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in greater detail.  Today we’ll summarize key considerations they’re making and the potential impact PWAs will...


The 2018 Mobile App Store Download Statistics Report

2018 marks the ten-year anniversary for both the Apple App Store and Android Market, and both are growing faster than ever.   Specifically, App Annie predicts that consumer app ...


The Ultimate Deep Linking Tutorial on iOS 11—And What’s Coming for iOS 12

Deep linking on iOS is the practice of leveraging contextual links to drive a user to specific in-app content. Marketers and developers know how important deep linking is; they ...


How to Optimize Apple Search Ads Attribution with Branch’s Universal Ads

Discoverability is one of the most critical parts of any app’s success—and with Apple reporting that 65% of mobile app downloads come from search entries in the App Store versus...


How to Integrate Apple’s SKAdNetwork in iOS 11.3

How Ad Networks Work on iOS In order to advertise your mobile app across other third party applications, you typically would work with a third-party ad network. The ad network i...


How to Track Organic and Viral Mobile App Installs

Why is tracking organic and viral mobile app installs difficult? Unattributed direct referral traffic—it’s the nightmare that every mobile professional fears, because it means m...


How to Manage and Optimize Apple Search Ads Campaigns in 2018

Most—if not all—mobile marketers have at least considered adding Apple Search Ads to their mobile marketing growth stacks. Now that we’re in 2018 and the effects of Apple Search...


The Ultimate Guide to Cost-Effective Mobile User Acquisition

From every standpoint, the mobile app market is increasingly in the world’s spotlight. 2017 carried an astounding $77 billion in projected mobile app revenue, with 197 billion m...


How to Submit an App that Uses IDFAs to the App Store

During the Apple App Store submission process, developers are asked to specify if their apps use the IDFA. Incorrectly specifying how your app uses this identifier can cause you...


Branch Meets CLI: Automated iOS Integration Now Available!

Integrating Branch into your app has never been easier, thanks to our revamped documentation. If you’re pressed for time or would just rather have a simple plugin to do it for y...


Notice: Inconsistent Universal Link Behavior on iOS 11.2

Note that this behavior is still present on the latest iOS devices. Starting with iOS 11.2, you might notice some inconsistent behavior when deep linking into your app with Univ...

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