Best Practices for iOS 9 Universal Links – Deep Linking, Tracking, and Deepviews

iOS 9.0 brought a lot of really cool features, namely Universal Linking and Core Spotlight Search, that every mobile developer should be aware of and experiment with. However, w...


App Discovery on iOS 9 Spotlight Search

After Apple announced the upcoming iOS Spotlight search functionality, we dug straight into the documentation to try it out. We thought, wouldn’t it be great if Branch developer...


Mobile Deep Linking 101

Do you know that feeling of being new in a job and not understanding a single buzzword, so you are secretly googling every term in order to beef up your lingo? That’s what I was...


Branch Supports All Deep Linking and Mobile Search Standards

Deep linking as a technology has become a confusing mess of marketing terms and buzzwords over the last few years. This is primarily due to the lack of a centralized standard an...


How Not to Deep Link

Deep linking, an area with so much promise for developers, has been torn to shreds by tech giants. Most mobile developers would love to release their app to the world and have a...

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