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10 Essential Tips for Leveraging Branch’s Analytics Capabilities

With so many options at your disposal for gathering data and analytics, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the possibilities or confused about where to begin. With Branch, it’s eas...


The 5 Latest Improvements to the Branch Dashboard

At Branch, we recently made many exciting improvements to the data and analytics experience within the Branch Dashboard. These include pre-configured export reports, report prev...


Critical Conversations: What Are Mobile Leaders Discussing in 2022?

At the recent Leaders in Mobile (LIM) retreat in Kapolei, Hawaii, attendees exchanged ideas and discussed how mobile has shifted and where it’s going next. 


Which Branch Data Export Solution Should I Use?

Branch offers customers an industry-leading selection of API options. These options programmatically export data and allow brands to gain insight into both user acquisition and ...


Enhance Your Campaign Data with Scheduled Log Exports

Learn about our latest addition to our powerful suite of export APIs: Scheduled Log Exports, which allows you to get the precise data you need to optimize your app campaigns.


Flexible Custom Exports and Agency Access: Export Exactly the Data You Need

Meet Custom Exports from Branch Your data has to be complete and accurate, and you need to be able to get it when, where, and how you want it. You may be familiar with Branch’s ...


Introducing Data Feeds, Your Toolkit for Exporting Branch Data

Anyone who uses Branch knows that we don’t just help improve user experience and conversion rates through deep linking; we also provide tons of powerful attribution data that ca...


New Debug Feature and Data Export Tool

It’s a New Year and we have some awesome new features to give you even more insights into how your app is growing and to help Start growing your app

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