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Like Facebook in 2017, Apple Closes “Deep Link” Ad Tracking Loophole

Apple recently closed a loophole that could have allowed deep links to be exploited as an ATT workaround. Learn more in the post.


“Horseshoe CX” – Why Closing the Loop is Critical in 2021

What is Horseshoe CX, and what does it mean to close the loop?


Is This Old-school Tech the New Biggest Marketing Opportunity?

Quick Response or QR codes were invented by Masahiro Hara to track automobile parts in Japan and have been around since the ’90s but have never really taken off in the west like they have in Asia-Pacific. A big reason: In the past, scann...


UX Insights: Referral Program Best Practices

ShopBack is the #1 rewards and discovery platform in Asia-Pacific. It is a one-stop rewards and discovery platform for users to earn cashback while delivering performance-based marketing to merchants. What this looks like in real life is...


Mastering Mobile Email Deep Linking: 3 Things You Need to Know

More than half of emails are opened on mobile devices. So, if you’re looking to optimize your brand’s email marketing campaigns, one of the best places to start is by improving the mobile experience for your customers. One simple, ...


More Than 50% of Emails Get Opened on Mobile: Why Email Deep Linking Is More Impor...

No one marvels when water flows from the faucet. When the lights turn on. When the sun rises in the morning and sets at night. When the internet works. These are just a few of the million small details silently humming behind the scenes,...


5 Moves Leaders in the Travel, Hospitality and Events Industry are Making to Weath...

We all know that right now is an unprecedented time in history. A common challenge businesses face is how to keep going in spite of the difficulties, but among these challenges come unique opportunities and solutions to build relationshi...


How Philips Created a Connected Mobile Experience with Deep Links

Mobile internet use dominates over desktop: 52.6% of website traffic worldwide came from mobile in 2019. If you aren’t providing customers a top-notch mobile experience, the consequences could be deadly to your business. In fact, 9 out o...


5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs an App

90% of time on a smartphone is spent in apps, and 53% of smartphone users make purchases from company-specific apps. For Quick Service Restaurants, this presents an opportunity to drive revenue through mobile app transactions. You might ...

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