Deep Linking

Deep linking is the process of directly linking to web pages that contain information, rather than website homepages. These web pages are called “deep links.” Deep links account for the majority of links on the web, as each home page can have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of deep links. Deep links also exist in mobile apps — even though mobile apps don’t use the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) format that websites use, the information pages they contain are still deep links with their own addresses.


The Second Coming of Deep Linking

This article originally appeared in TechCrunch.   For developers and users, mobile deep linking has been a fantastically anticlimactic technology. Deep linking ha...


Deep linking with Twitter App Cards

Partners often ask us about the difference between using Twitter’s native deep links and using Branch deep links on Twitter. Both solutions work for most use cases, so what’s th...


Click-to-install rates – an analysis of 12 million app links

We know that user acquisition is tough. If you spend time running install ads, creating referral programs, and building sharing features for your app, you see many types of link...


13 Video Examples of Mobile Deep Linking

Mobile deep linking is quickly becoming standard practice for successful mobile apps. To stay competitive in the mobile space, it’s critical to understand how they work and what...


Mobile Deep Linking 101

Do you know that feeling of being new in a job and not understanding a single buzzword, so you are secretly googling every term in order to beef up your lingo? That’s what I was...


How to Deep Link With Facebook Install Ads

This blog post was originally published in 2015. You can read one of our newer posts to learn how to deep-link from Facebook. Nearly two years ago, we asked Facebook to enable d...


How Not to Deep Link

Deep linking, an area with so much promise for developers, has been torn to shreds by tech giants. Most mobile developers would love to release their app to the world and have a...


How to Set Up Universal Links to Deep Link on Apple iOS

This was originally posted on July 20th, 2015 but has since been updated with the latest information. At Branch, we eat, breathe and sleep mobile deep linking. We created a sing...


How to Use App Links to Deep Link on Facebook

Here at Branch, we exist to make mobile linking easier. Branch Links deliver many different things such as smart redirecting, contextual deep linking, search indexing and downlo...


Priorities for Organic App Growth – A Veteran’s Take

We Heart It is one of those companies that just gives you good vibes. From their clean UI, stunning photos, to their platform of sharing, there’s so much to like.  Br...


Facebook App Invites Developer Guide

Recently, Facebook released a new feature called App Invites which got a lot of attention in the press. This feature, touted as Facebook’s attempt to Branch provides the industr...

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