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Why Flutter Developers Should Use Branch’s Flutter SDK to Power Apps

Learn what the Flutter framework is, how it works, and how we support developers with our Branch Flutter SDK.


What Mobile App Events Should You Track With Your MMP?

Measuring the important KPI events for your business, downstream events users perform after installing your app, and important conversion events used for ads optimization with B...


Updated for 2019: The Ultimate Android Deep Linking Guide

As time spent within native apps continues to increase for both iOS and Android users, it’s important that you address both operating systems in your 2019 mobile growth plan to ...


How To Deep Link Out of Your App

One of the most painful things we deal with at Branch on a regular basis are the poor attempts of platform developers to implement support for 3rd party deep linking. First, let...


How to Deep Link and Attribute with Android Slices

You might have noticed that Google has been rolling out new app surfacing and sharing mechanisms over the last few months. One of the biggest new offerings is the Android App Ac...


How to Use mParticle and Segment with Branch to Get Complete Attribution Data

When it comes to reviewing the performance of a marketing campaign, some marketers tend to focus on clicks or installs. But there are also key actions that users complete furthe...


How to Optimize Apple Search Ads Attribution with Branch’s Universal Ads

Discoverability is one of the most critical parts of any app’s success—and with Apple reporting that 65% of mobile app downloads come from search entries in the App Store versus...


How to Track App Downloads: The Mobile Marketer’s Guide

In this complex cross-platform world, figuring out how to determine the true source (or sources) of downloads for your iPhone or Android app is just as important as figuring out...


Launching Fraud Detection for Universal Ads

Digital advertising has now surpassed TV to become the primary channel for advertisers. And as ad spending has increased, so has ad fraud: estimates of the annual losses caused ...


Why Do Open Source SDKs Matter?

Perhaps unbeknownst to you, your journey to this webpage has been a series of hops made possible by dozens of open source applications. Whether it is the encryption used to conn...


How to Approach Analytics for Mobile Apps

In 2018, it’s fair to say that nearly all mobile professionals agree: we live in a mobile world. A whopping 85% of the time users spend on mobile devices is spent in mobile apps...

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