The Secrets Behind nOCD’s Early Stage App Growth

This is a guest post by Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of nOCD. nOCD gives people with OCD effective therapy and real-time data about their treatment, helping users live more an...


Announcing the Expansion of Branch in Europe and Latin America

One of the most amazing aspects of the mobile app business is the ability to reach a worldwide audience of billions with near instant and frictionless distribution. But the real...


From k-factor to emotion: What makes an app go viral and how do I measure virality?

This blog was originally published on July 19, 2015, but has since been updated with new information. They said, “If you build it, they will come.” They lied. Pour your heart an...


Singapore – an alternative to the Valley to build and grow your app?

Throughout my education, business and management professors have always seemed to agree on one thing: the best way to learn is by leaving the classroom and getting your hands di...


Ideas are the Currency of (Morgan Brown)

This short piece covers a talk on Mobile Growth given by Morgan Brown at a recent Branch & Declara sponsored Dev Meet Up. Read more and Branch provides the industry's leadin...

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