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Integration Update: A Look Inside The Branch TUNE Migration

Just over two months ago, Branch announced our acquisition of TUNE’s Attribution Analytics. Since then, we’ve heard many questions (both from customers and others in...


Introducing Attribution for Snapchat

We’re excited to announce that Branch has been named an official Snapchat Measurement Partner. This partnership offers Branch customers the chance to drive and attribute Snapcha...


How to Use mParticle and Segment with Branch to Get Complete Attribution Data

When it comes to reviewing the performance of a marketing campaign, some marketers tend to focus on clicks or installs. But there are also key actions that users complete furthe...


The Secrets Behind nOCD’s Early Stage App Growth

This is a guest post by Stephen Smith, Founder and CEO of nOCD. nOCD gives people with OCD effective therapy and real-time data about their treatment, helping users live more an...


Why Marketing Automation Matters in Mobile [Braze Partnership]

Use Branch links with Braze’s CRM to discover more about your users and to build better engagement campaigns. Branch provides the industry's leading mobile linking and mea...


How Buzzfeed’s QuizChat Uses Branch for Personalized Welcomes

The BuzzFeed quiz app, QuizChat, brings one of the most popular services of BuzzFeed — their quizzes — directly to mobile users. Hundreds of millions of users have t...


How Postmates Achieved a 31% Click-to-Install Rate on Instagram Ads

This blog post was originally published in 2016. You can read one of our newer posts on driving installs from Instagram. Branch works with thousands of apps. And in just the las...


HotelTonight Wins First Place for Branch-linked Marketing Campaigns

Branch partner app HotelTonight has always been a tastemaker in mobile growth strategies as they’ve become a major name in the hotel-bookings space. In regards to their innovati...


Branch Partners with Segment in New Program for Mobile Partners

We’re excited to be announcing Branch’s integration with Segment’s mobile partner platform, allowing Segment customers to leverage the benefits of the Branch SDK on-demand. Cont...


App Affiliate Marketing: How to Get Users to Refer Your App

Building a mobile app is hard work. You spend countless hours perfecting the design, content, and user experience and think that getting your app live is the end of the journey....


mParticle Integrates with Branch

Branch is excited to announce that our integration with mParticle is now live. mParticle is a mobile data automation platform based in New York. With a single SDK, mParticle cus...

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