iOS 10


Making URI Schemes Great Again: $uri_redirect_mode

It’s been nearly 2 years since Apple sounded the bell to officially make URI schemes impossible to use in Safari due to the horrible error modal. Then, over a year ago, Facebook...


The iOS Security Alert Is Killing App Store Downloads

At some point in early 2017, a few enterprising scammers figured out how to hijack iOS Safari via an infinite loop of custom URI scheme redirects. The result was essentially low...


How To Track and Attribute Universal Links

Universal Links are known for being difficult to measure, but this guide walks you through the steps to track and attribute your Universal Links.


The Problem With Safari App Redirects on iOS 10.3

Update: we now have actual data on how this change has affected app install rates. Read more here. With iOS 10.3, Apple has gifted the world new powerful features and fixes for ...


What Is An AASA (apple-app-site-association) File?

Picture this: you want to get started with Universal Links on iOS and the documentation at Apple has asked you to create and host an AASA file. So, what is an AASA file? The AAS...


Cleared For Takeoff: Branch & iOS 10

Every year, when the new iOS update comes out, the Branch teams waits anxiously to hear their marching orders from the Apple team at WWDC. And this year was no different. At fir...


How to Configure Your App’s Sharing for iOS 10’s iMessage Update

With iOS 10, comes a complete host of changes ranging from in-message interactable apps, and a completely separate App Store, to links populated with full graphic previews. It’s...


Setting Up Your iOS 10 iMessages App With Attribution and Deep Linking

iOS 10 introduces some powerful new functionality on top of the iOS 9 extension system that gave birth to custom keyboards and ad blockers. iOS 10 features a new App Store that ...


How to Set Up Universal Links to Deep Link on Apple iOS

This was originally posted on July 20th, 2015 but has since been updated with the latest information. At Branch, we eat, breathe and sleep mobile deep linking. We created a sing...

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