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How To Track and Attribute Universal Links

Universal Links are known for being difficult to measure, but this guide walks you through the steps to track and attribute your Universal Links.


What Is An AASA (apple-app-site-association) File?

Picture this: you want to get started with Universal Links on iOS and the documentation at Apple has asked you to create and host an AASA file. So, what is an AASA file? The AAS...


What Changed with Deep Linking on iOS 9.3

Over the years, despite continuous design improvements, iOS apps have been treated largely as data silos and have been unable to use data outside of the confines of their sandbo...


iOS 9.2 Deep Linking Guide: Transitioning to Universal Links

When iOS 9.2 was released on Dec 8th, thousands of app developers suddenly realized their app experience was broken. A small change in Safari’s handling of deep links resulted i...


iOS 9.2 Update: The Fall of URI Schemes and the Rise of Universal Links

As of iOS 9.2, released December 8th, 2015, Apple has sounded the death knell for URI scheme based redirects, the standard for deep linking for the last seven years. They’ve dec...


How to Use Core Spotlight Search for App Re-Engagement

Core Spotlight Framework was released in early September 2015 to much excitement. It was the first time in history that developers would be able to list pure app content in sear...


Ad-blocking is Overblown: An Analysis of Link Traffic on iOS 9

Ad blocking on iOS has been a hot topic recently because new features in iOS 9 allow third-party apps to block ads in Safari. The implications for publishers are huge: some have...


5 Actionable Steps to Increase App Downloads

All mobile developers want the same thing: to increase the number of people that download their app. Growth hacking is still everyone’s top priority. (Well, except for Bing Gord...


Best Practices for iOS 9 Universal Links – Deep Linking, Tracking, and Deepviews

iOS 9.0 brought a lot of really cool features, namely Universal Linking and Core Spotlight Search, that every mobile developer should be aware of and experiment with. However, w...


How to Set Up Universal Links to Deep Link on Apple iOS

This was originally posted on July 20th, 2015 but has since been updated with the latest information. At Branch, we eat, breathe and sleep mobile deep linking. We created a sing...

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