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How to Maximize App User Lifetime Value: 5 Keys To Success

Mobile marketers face many challenges in today’s increasingly fragmented and ever-evolving digital ecosystem. One challenge always on the mind of marketers: LTV. 48% of app marketers say their leading marketing challenge is that app inst...


New White Paper: The Product Manager’s Guide to Cross-Platform Onboarding Experiences

Onboarding experiences often determine whether or not an app will succeed and generate ROI or retreat to the digital dustbin.  For product managers, winning this high-stakes game requires a unique set of strategic and tactical trade...


How Product Managers are Unlocking Cross-Platform ROI: 4 Focus Areas

Behind every seamless web and app experience is a product manager who knows how to succeed on multiple fronts.  Here’s how today’s best are mastering the art and science of generating cross-platform ROI. Prioritize and predic...


How to Maximize Your Marketing ROI by Increasing User Retention

Spenser is the CEO and co-founder of Amplitude. While developing his first mobile product, a voice-to-text app for Android, he experienced firsthand the need for a better mobile analytics solution. Spenser created Amplitude Analytics so ...


Improving the Lifetime Value of an App User with Deep Linking

For an app developer to successfully measure the return on investment (ROI) of a growth or marketing campaign, they must understand the lifetime value (LTV) of their users. Also called customer lifetime value (CLTV), the LTV is exactly w...

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