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The Mobile Trends You Need to Know for 2020

Editor’s note: An abridged version of this blog post first appeared on The CMO of yesterday — a creative, brand-driven executive — is on the verge of extinction. The role has evolved (and will continue to evolve) dramatically, r...


How to Build a Data-Dependent Company When Data is a Bad Word

Data powers and improves every aspect of our lives. A modern car generates 25 GB of data per hour working to monitor health and keeping drivers safe. A modern airplane generates up to 1 TB of data every flight to keep us safe and improve...


How to Track App Store Downloads Initiated on the Mobile Web

Tracking app store downloads from the mobile web might seem like a simple challenge for mobile marketers. But with ever-more channels involved in user journeys, going beyond last-click attribution to determine which channel or campaign r...


How App Analytics Platforms Benefit from Best-in-Class Attribution Data

App analytics are only as useful as the attribution data that makes them work. The data is the fuel. Today we’ll showcase why leading digital brands are placing a premium on accuracy and how to configure your app analytics to run fully c...


Celebrating One Year of Facebook MMP

Valentine’s Day is an extra special day at Branch: Exactly one year ago today, we officially announced our inclusion in the Facebook MMP program. Prior to that milestone, Branch offered a robust deep linking and attribution platform that...


Does Running Apple Search Ads Influence App Rankings? 3 Ways to Optimize

As 65% of mobile app downloads are sourced from a search on the iOS App Store, you likely already know the value of app store optimization (ASO) and have considered adding – or are already running – Apple Search Ads as part o...


How to Deep Link and Attribute with Android Slices

You might have noticed that Google has been rolling out new app surfacing and sharing mechanisms over the last few months. One of the biggest new offerings is the Android App Actions enhancement, Slices. (A clever play on pie, for those ...


How to Drive App Installs and Track Campaign Performance from Instagram in 2018

Instagram is now one of the world’s most popular social media networks, with Statista reporting the app has surpassed one billion monthly active users as of June 2018. For mobile app marketers, this estimate means Instagram represents a ...


The 2018 Mobile App Store Download Statistics Report

2018 marks the ten-year anniversary for both the Apple App Store and Android Market, and both are growing faster than ever.   Specifically, App Annie predicts that consumer app store spend will surpass $110 billion this year, a YoY growt...


How to Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud & Click Fraud: The $6.5BN Question

The numbers are staggering, and you’ve likely heard them before: Mobile ad fraud is growing, and it’s costing marketers billions. According to Juniper Research, overall ad fraud is estimated to cost marketers $19 billion this year—and th...

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