5 Best Practices for Mobile Linking on Social Media

When done right, social media linking can be a powerful tool if you can create value for your target audience. By following the best practices we outline for you in this article...


5 Keys to Effective App Onboarding for Product Managers

It’s easy to think app engagement hinges on push notifications and alerts once a user has installed an app and completed their first purchase. But any great product manager know...


How Product Managers are Unlocking Cross-Platform ROI: 4 Focus Areas

Behind every seamless web and app experience is a product manager who knows how to succeed on multiple fronts.  Here’s how today’s best are mastering the art and sci...


How Lark Health Boosted Onboarding Rate to 92% with Branch’s Deferred Deep Links

Lark Health brings the best in design, AI, and mobile technology to chronic disease management and prevention. Before Lark, chronic disease was managed by visiting doctors and a...


Announcing Branch’s 2018 Mobile Growth Handbook

2018 marks only the ten-year anniversary for both the Apple App Store and Android Market, and already a world without mobile apps is difficult to envision. App Annie predicts th...


The Ultimate Guide to Web and App User Attribution

This blog post was originally published in 2018. You can also read about how to optimize your cross-platform deep linking and attribution to maximize ROI in our 2019 playbook. T...


5 Ways to Improve Your App’s User Experience

This article was originally published on the TUNE blog. Branch acquired the TUNE Attribution Analytics product in September 2018, and we have republished select pieces of conten...


The 2017 Mobile Growth Handbook

Note: Check out our 2018 Mobile Growth Handbook, filled with 120+ mobile growth best practices and tips from across the industry. From wherever you approach it, the mobile app m...


Announcing Eight New Universal Email Partners with Enhanced Onboarding

Email marketing typically has the biggest ROI of any marketing channel. Today, 69% of emails are opened on mobile rather than on desktop, and year over year that percentage gets...


The Ultimate Guide to Branch Products

If you’ve heard of Branch, you probably know we have been providing deep links to developers and marketers on mobile for years now. Branch has grown quite a bit since our incept...


How To Increase User Retention as a Mobile Developer

Congratulations, you’ve just recently launched the newest version of your app! You’ve spent countless hours in your last development sprint A-B testing your newest features and ...

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