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Announcing Branch’s 2019 Mobile Growth Handbook 🎉

Every year, we pull together the best statistics, tips, best practices, and quotes from the world’s top mobile brands for our Mobile Growth Handbook to help product and marketin...


How to Track App Downloads Using Smart Banners

Top brands are converting mobile web traffic into high-value mobile app users. Today we’ll share a few pointers on how to turn this effective and cost-efficient strategy into a ...


How to Make Interstitial Ads and Banners Work on Mobile

CMOs, CTOs, marketers, and product managers alike are facing a challenge: How to drive high-quality app installs and top last year’s revenue numbers. Here’s the challenge: For m...


How App Analytics Platforms Benefit from Best-in-Class Attribution Data

App analytics are only as useful as the attribution data that makes them work. The data is the fuel. Today we’ll showcase why leading digital brands are placing a premium on acc...


How Deep Linking Technology Influences Cross-Platform User Acquisition

There are 2.1M apps in the Google Play store and 2M apps in the iOS App Store as of Q3 2018, according to Statista. However, app adoption and monetization are heavily skewed tow...


How Product Managers are Unlocking Cross-Platform ROI: 4 Focus Areas

Behind every seamless web and app experience is a product manager who knows how to succeed on multiple fronts.  Here’s how today’s best are mastering the art and sci...


How Tokopedia Drove 3X Lift in Organic Installs and Reduced Misattribution Across All Channels by 30%

Tokopedia is the largest and fastest growing eCommerce platform in Indonesia. An online marketplace that allows individuals and business owners to open and maintain their stores...


New Release: Branch’s Industry Report Reveals Cross-Platform Trends

In the early days of the web, it was easy enough to focus on your website and email as major drivers of engagement, conversions, and analytics. However, as devices and platforms...


The Best Marketing Channels to Get More Downloads for Your Mobile App

Every mobile marketer today is asking the same few questions: How can I drive cross-channel growth for my app through mobile app marketing campaigns, and which mobile marketing ...


Announcing Branch’s 2018 Mobile Growth Handbook

2018 marks only the ten-year anniversary for both the Apple App Store and Android Market, and already a world without mobile apps is difficult to envision. App Annie predicts th...

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