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Branch SafeTrack™ Ensures End-to-End ATT Compliance for Your Ad Attribution

Since the release of iOS 14.5 in April, SafeTrack™ has been automatically applied to all Branch links created to measure ad campaigns.


The Importance and Challenges of Mobile App Re-engagement

Why is mobile app re-engagement important? What are some challenges to mobile app re-engagement as a result of iOS 14 — and how can those challenges be solved? Read the full pos...


Like Facebook in 2017, Apple Closes “Deep Link” Ad Tracking Loophole

Apple recently closed a loophole that could have allowed deep links to be exploited as an ATT workaround. Learn more in the post.


The Fundamentals of Mobile Growth Marketing

Learn growth marketing strategies for every stage of the funnel. Based off of Stanford University's sold-out BUS 257 course taught by Branch co-founder and Head of Marketing Mad...


The Resources You Need to Prepare for iOS 14

Note: As of January 28th, 2021, Apple has changed its policies regarding attribution on iOS 14. Read about that update and Branch’s latest stance here.  It’s been a wild fe...


What to Do with Your Mobile Ad Spend in September

Note: As of January 28th, 2021, Apple has changed its policies regarding attribution on iOS 14. Read about that update and Branch’s latest stance here.  In iOS 14.5 and bey...


The Threat of Walled Gardens on Mobile Advertising

You know the struggles. A new user just downloaded your app, and you have no idea where they came from. Both Facebook and Google are sending you a bill for an advertisement that...


How to Protect Your Budget from the Hidden Cost of Mobile Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is the big bad wolf of the advertising industry. Fraudulent conversions can cause advertisers higher bills and skewed campaign data that leads to inefficient investment...


What are the Best Mobile Ad Formats?

More and more consumers are spending time on mobile devices instead of their desktops. In fact, 58% of all site visits occur on mobile, and that number is projected to keep grow...


5 Keys to Fighting Mobile Ad Fraud

Are we still talking about fraud? Yes. Ad fraud follows dollars, and looking at the accelerated growth that the mobile industry has seen over the past few years, it’s easy to se...


The Ultimate Guide to Mobile App Retargeting in Q4 and Beyond

Q4 is here already. The holidays are right around the corner. Another year has flown by. You’ve likely been hard at work this year driving growth and have built a solid user bas...

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