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Branch Ads Analytics Changes for iOS 14.5

Learn how iOS 14.5 changes will be reflected in your Branch data, and learn what updates to make to your Branch app configuration.


Announcing Support for Apple App Clips

Learn what App Clips are, why they're useful, and how Branch's App Clips support brings them to the next level.


Announcing Deep Linking and Attribution Support for Over-the-Top (OTT) Channels

Announcing deep linking and attribution support for over-the-top channels to allow you to measure ad performance and provide consumers a seamless experience.


Get More from SKAdNetwork with Branch

Note: As of January 28th, 2021, Apple has changed its policies regarding attribution on iOS 14. Read about that update and Branch’s latest stance here. To learn about how to set up SKAdNetwork for your Branch app, please visit our SKAdNe...


Flexible Custom Exports and Agency Access: Export Exactly the Data You Need

Meet Custom Exports from Branch Your data has to be complete and accurate, and you need to be able to get it when, where, and how you want it. You may be familiar with Branch’s Daily Exports, which are great for pulling log level data fo...


Understanding the True Customer Journey: A Branch Predictive Modeling Algorithm Us...

What is the most common pre-install user journey for my app? Is there a channel where engagement directly correlates to shorter click-to-conversion paths? Are specific top of funnel marketing activities more influential than others? A cu...


Announcing Deep Linking and Attribution for Desktop Apps

Part of being the leader in cross-platform linking and attribution means innovating to support the various platforms upon which users engage. The first walled garden we helped you tackle: mobile apps. Then came measuring website and mobi...


Introducing: The World’s First Cross-Everything Cohort Analysis

Today, we’re launching the world’s first cross-platform, cross-channel cohort analysis tool. Using data from our unique attribution engine, marketers finally have a way to build cohort reports that show performance from all o...


Smart Banners Just Got Smarter: New Dismissal Settings for Journeys

Chances are you already know about Journeys, our powerful solution that allows our partners to implement customizable, targeted smart banners that drive web visitors into their apps seamlessly. Journeys turns websites into app growth mac...


Announcing TUNE + Branch: A New Era for User Experience and Measurement

Spending my whole working life in Silicon Valley and watching tech companies grow, I have noticed that there are certain moments in a company’s history that, in an instant, dramatically increase the velocity and trajectory of that ...

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