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How Marketers Can Deep Link from Social Media

Here’s the thing about deep linking across social media platforms: you probably understand more about its intricacies than you’d expect. At its core, deep linking provides users...


How To Create Cross-Platform Deep Links in Less Than 3 Seconds

At Branch, we value your time and efficiency, so we created the Branch Link Creator Google Chrome Extension. This will allow you or anyone on your team to quickly and efficientl...


The Marketers Guide to Creating Mobile Deep Links in Seconds

The average user spends 4-5 hours on mobile, with 90% of that time inside a mobile app. When you’re sharing marketing links with your users, it’s not enough anymore to have a sh...


Branch Product Release Updates: October 2016

October brought many new and exciting features that we are pleased to share with the marketers, product managers, developers, and founders that use Branch on a daily basis. From...


A Smart Quick Link Creator for Desktop and App Links

Linking to web content – for instance a gallery of cool treehouses – is easy. It’s always been easy. Simply copy the URL from the address bar, and if you want a short link or at...


Introducing Custom Subdomains – {{yourapp}}.app.link

Starting today, all new Branch partners will get branded links with no additional configuration. You can finally have {{yourapp}}.app.link for your app! Branch provides the indu...


How to Use Dynamic Links to Drive Better User Experiences at Scale

This blog post was originally published in 2016. You can also read one of our newer posts to learn how to measure and optimize deep links from email. Driving intuitive, seamless...


13 Video Examples of Mobile Deep Linking

Mobile deep linking is quickly becoming standard practice for successful mobile apps. To stay competitive in the mobile space, it’s critical to understand how they work and what...

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