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The Fundamentals of Mobile Growth Marketing

Learn growth marketing strategies for every stage of the funnel. Based off of Stanford University's sold-out BUS 257 course taught by Branch co-founder and Head of Marketing Mada Seghete and Graphite CEO Ethan Smith.


5 Tips to Increase App User Engagement and Retention

You can have a highly effective app install campaign that brings you new users and increases installs, but that doesn’t mean you should stop there. 71% of app users churn in the first 90 days after downloading an app, so the pressure is ...


Smart Strategies for Boosting Mobile User Retention and Engagement

The App Store is now over a decade old. According to Statista, over 194B apps were downloaded in 2018. Today there are more than 5B mobile users across the globe. Yet, despite these staggering statistics, the Field of Dreams syndrome sti...


Product, Partnerships, Performance: Learnings from Mobile Growth Jakarta with Toko...

The exponential growth of the Indonesian internet economy has placed the country in the top ranks for number of internet users in the world. Recent research conducted by the Association of Internet Service Providers in Indonesia (APJII) ...


Announcing Branch’s 2019 Mobile Growth Handbook 🎉

Every year, we pull together the best statistics, tips, best practices, and quotes from the world’s top mobile brands for our Mobile Growth Handbook to help product and marketing teams drive mobile growth in our increasingly cross-platfo...


5 Keys to Effective App Onboarding for Product Managers

It’s easy to think app engagement hinges on push notifications and alerts once a user has installed an app and completed their first purchase. But any great product manager knows user retention begins at onboarding. Think about your favo...


How Checkout 51 Deep Links in Ads (and Optimizes Click-to-Open Rate)

Checkout 51, a leading rebate app that offers users great deals and cashback rewards for their grocery shopping, has been a mobile-first company since its inception. Founded in Toronto, the company quickly gained popularity among shopper...


Announcing Branch’s 2018 Mobile Growth Handbook

2018 marks only the ten-year anniversary for both the Apple App Store and Android Market, and already a world without mobile apps is difficult to envision. App Annie predicts that consumer app store spend will surpass $110 billion in 201...


The Ultimate Guide to Cost-Effective Mobile User Acquisition

From every standpoint, the mobile app market is increasingly in the world’s spotlight. 2017 carried an astounding $77 billion in projected mobile app revenue, with 197 billion mobile app downloads (compared to 2016’s 149 billion). Mobile...

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