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How to Set Up An iOS and Android Smart App Banner

Smart banners help you bring users from your website into your app. Find out how to configure smart banners on iOS and Android, and build your own custom banners with Branch Jou...


What Are the Differences Between Smart Banners and App Clips?

Driving app growth can often feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. Not only do you have to get your app noticed in a fiercely competitive App/Play Store with over 4 million app...


Improve Experience and Performance with SingleTap Enabled Journeys

Branch and Digital Turbine have teamed up to help you grow your mobile app audience faster and create a much better mobile brand experience. Our new integration enables you to e...


5 Examples of Seamless Cross-Platform Experiences to Drive App Growth

52% of customers are less likely to engage with a company because of a bad mobile experience. It’s essential to provide flawless user experiences that acquire, engage and retain...


Dynamic Web-to-App Success: RADIO.COM Drives 61% CTI Using Personalized Branch Banners

Launching a new app isn’t easy – especially when you’re already an established brand with a large, loyal user base. Ensuring your users know about the app contextually ...


How to Track App Downloads Using Smart Banners

Top brands are converting mobile web traffic into high-value mobile app users. Today we’ll share a few pointers on how to turn this effective and cost-efficient strategy into a ...


How to Make Interstitial Ads and Banners Work on Mobile

CMOs, CTOs, marketers, and product managers alike are facing a challenge: How to drive high-quality app installs and top last year’s revenue numbers. Here’s the challenge: For m...


How Travel App GoEuro Increased App Installs By 15% Using Branch

Increasing shifts to mobile are disrupting almost every industry, and that’s especially true in travel. Booking plane, train, and bus tickets has historically required users to ...


Smart Banners Just Got Smarter: New Dismissal Settings for Journeys

Chances are you already know about Journeys, our powerful solution that allows our partners to implement customizable, targeted smart banners that drive web visitors into their ...


How to Double App Engagement and Mobile Purchases like Bloom & Wild

It’s no secret that app users are more likely to engage with content and have a higher lifetime value than their mobile web counterparts. In fact, according to Criteo, 66% of mo...

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