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The Deep Linking Playbook for iOS 12

Effectively deep linking on both Android and iOS is critical for both app developers and marketers. We recently covered how to effectively deep link on Android. Today we’ll cover the same topic for iOS 12, which is equally important. Her...


Integration Update: A Look Inside The Branch TUNE Migration

Just over two months ago, Branch announced our acquisition of TUNE’s Attribution Analytics. Since then, we’ve heard many questions (both from customers and others in the industry) about how the integration will work. Our team...


A Note on Patching Branch Links to Fix a XSS Bug

To set the stage for this post, I first want to provide some background on security at Branch. We provide an enterprise-grade service that over 50,000 apps (including those for many Fortune 100 companies) rely on to power tens of billion...


The Ultimate Deep Linking Tutorial on iOS 11—And What’s Coming for iOS 12

Deep linking on iOS is the practice of leveraging contextual links to drive a user to specific in-app content. Marketers and developers know how important deep linking is; they also know how hard it is to do well. With the release of iOS...


Branch Meets CLI: Automated iOS Integration Now Available!

Integrating Branch into your app has never been easier, thanks to our revamped documentation. If you’re pressed for time or would just rather have a simple plugin to do it for you, we’ve got the answer!  We’re excited to introduce you to...


Troubleshooting Facebook Install Ad Discrepancies

Are you wondering why the number of clicks and installs reported in Facebook is lower than that reported in a third-party service like Branch? There are many moving parts in the pipeline from the user clicking on your Facebook Ad to ente...


Branch Concepts: The Branch Universal Object

This is the BranchUniversalObject (or BUO for short). Think of it like an empty box. The BUO is used to tell Branch about a piece of content within your application, whether it’s a pair of shoes for sale, a hotel room in Prague, a recipe...


Deep Linking from Facebook: Best Practices & Tips

If you’ve run mobile ad campaigns on Facebook, you’re familiar with the elegant deep linking options their ads provide. But unfortunately, organic Facebook posts are a whole different story. Why is it so difficult to give users the same ...


Branch Product Updates: May 2017

Can you believe it’s almost Memorial Day weekend? Neither can Branch. All year long our product goals have centered around empowering your mobile marketing and growth efforts; helping you find more users that engage time and time again w...


The iOS Security Alert Is Killing App Store Downloads

At some point in early 2017, a few enterprising scammers figured out how to hijack iOS Safari via an infinite loop of custom URI scheme redirects. The result was essentially low-tech ransomware, and unfortunately it was realistic enough ...

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