SKAdNetwork 2.2 View-Through Attribution and PCM: What They Mean for Mobile Marketers

Learn about two new pieces of attribution-related functionality from Apple: view-through attribution in SKAdNetwork and PCM support for app-to-web campaigns. Discover what this ...


Attribution on iOS 14: Welcoming Apple’s New World Order

Apple just landed a new world order for attribution on iOS. Learn the new changes and what they mean for the mobile industry.


Google’s iOS 14 Update: What It Means for Mobile Marketers

Google recently announced an important iOS 14 update — find out what it is and the actions you should take as a mobile marketer.


Announcing Support for Apple App Clips

Learn what App Clips are, why they're useful, and how Branch's App Clips support brings them to the next level.


Ready for the Post-IDFA Era – Fyber, MOLOCO, and Branch Successfully Test SKAdNetwork for Programmatic User Acquisition

Learn how Branch, Fyber, and Moloco are testing SKAdNetwork for Programmatic User Acquisition.


Announcing Branch’s Tech for Female Founders Initiative

Branch is offering $5,000 in credits for Branch premium products to women founders. Learn more in the post!


Announcing Deep Linking and Attribution Support for Over-the-Top (OTT) Channels

Announcing deep linking and attribution support for over-the-top channels to allow you to measure ad performance and provide consumers a seamless experience.


The Agency View of an IDFA-less Future

Note: As of January 28th, 2021, Apple has changed its policies regarding attribution on iOS 14. Read about that update and Branch’s latest stance here.  Branch recently hos...


What Are the Differences Between Smart Banners and App Clips?

Driving app growth can often feel like pushing a boulder up a hill. Not only do you have to get your app noticed in a fiercely competitive App/Play Store with over 4 million app...


The Great iOS 14 Reprieve (For Now)

Note: As of January 28th, 2021, Apple has changed its policies regarding attribution on iOS 14. Information in this blog post may no longer apply. Read about that update and Bra...

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