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How to Add Social Share Buttons to Your iOS and Android Apps: The Quick Guide

According to a recent study, over 30% of all app downloads originate from a friend’s recommendation. That means that someone shared the app with a friend via a link or told them about it in person. This is the ultimate dream: where...


How Marketers Can Deep Link from Social Media

Here’s the thing about deep linking across social media platforms: you probably understand more about its intricacies than you’d expect. At its core, deep linking provides users with access to specific web pages rather than homepages on ...


What the Twitter Update Means for Deep Linking

Twitter has just released their largest app update in years. Aside from the redesigned UI and live activity update functionality, the iOS version of Twitter’s new app includes some under-the-hood changes to how links are handled. Anyone ...


Deep linking with Twitter App Cards

Partners often ask us about the difference between using Twitter’s native deep links and using Branch deep links on Twitter. Both solutions work for most use cases, so what’s the difference? Ultimately it comes down to simplicity, portab...


Mobile Deep Linking 101

Do you know that feeling of being new in a job and not understanding a single buzzword, so you are secretly googling every term in order to beef up your lingo? That’s what I was expecting to do during my first few days at Branch … but fo...

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