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How Branch Simplifies SKAN 4.0

Author’s note: For historical context, we highly suggest checking out our previously published blog posts on SKAN 4.0:  SKAN Recap: What’s changed since WWDC? SKAdNetwork 4...


Why You Need an MMP and Why Branch Is the Best Fit

To grow your mobile app, you must make data-driven decisions with data you trust. With the help of a mobile measurement partner (MMP), you can accurately gather, analyze, and op...


What Happens to IDFAs if You Stop Showing the ATT Prompt?

Get a recap on the ATT story so far, learn whether ATT consent is still valuable, and explore what happens when an app removes the ATT prompt.


Trust and the Importance of the Branch CPP

Trust. It’s a lofty word. All companies talk about it, but how many actually live up to their own hype? As an attribution provider, Branch occupies a very important position in ...


How Market Kurly Drove a 118% Increase in Web-to-App Engagement

Users connect with brands across more channels, platforms, and devices than ever before. Statista forecasts that by 2020, there will be around 6.58 network-connected devices per...


See the Whole Picture: Branch Now Working With MoPub to Provide Complete Revenue Analysis

Today, we’re excited to announce that Branch is working with MoPub to provide clients with access to impression-level advertising revenue data via Branch Universal Ads. Branch’s...


How to Measure and Optimize Apple Search Ads Campaigns

Apple Search Ads is one of the most powerful tools in a modern marketing toolbox. Running Apple Search Ads campaigns helps mobile marketers increase brand visibility and app dow...


Remarketing and Retargeting: What’s the Difference And Why Does It Matter on Mobile?

Marketers and their teams are facing more challenges than ever when it comes to remarketing and retargeting their mobile users to drive continued app revenue and engagement. Use...


How to Drive Installs from Facebook Advertising

Facebook is an extremely effective channel for reaching new audiences – largely due to the sheer number of users. Here’s the proof: According to Statista, Facebook had 2.3...


How to Track App Store Downloads Initiated on the Mobile Web

Tracking app store downloads from the mobile web might seem like a simple challenge for mobile marketers. But with ever-more channels involved in user journeys, going beyond las...


Announcing The Branch Certified Partner Program

Branch was founded on the idea of enabling collaboration between publishers and marketers. Our core foundation, deep linking technology, was built to ensure marketers and publis...

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